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Age- 14
Gender-imma ladie8-D
Dateing status-SiNgLe
Bands-Blink 182, Boxcar racer, Msi, Marilyn Manson, Kill hannah, linkin park, Kelly clarkston, Outkast, Ciara, Nirvana
Tv shows-The simpsons, Malcom in the middle, made, GvB, Degrassi, real worl vs. road rules, road rules, real world
Color-yellow and pink!
candy-any sour candy

i dont care who your fav actor or actress are.

Bush-What is trhere really to say?
Drugs-If you wanna screw up your life than you go 4 it.
Abortion-I AM TOTALLY AGAISNT IT! Thats murder. In my opp. ne who. Your takin the life of a person who hasnt had the chance to experincethe world!!!
Gay marriges-gross gross gross. In case u didnt get it..i think its GROSS! i dont wanna c it. But im not the person to try and stop it. If ur gay and gettin married..thats great. I just dont wanna cor hear it!
premarital sex-Its your life. You choice. Go 4 it.
Death penalty-ahh isway back and fourth on this ALL THE FREAKIN TIME! If they killed sum1 than yes they should have the deaht penailty, but on the other hand its SOO SAD!

promote to 2 places- http://www.livejournal.com/users/leftb3hind52/58185.html?view=107849#t107849
Im in the green kill hannah shirt!
halloween hee hee
In my rotc unifrom!
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